Financial Help Makes World of Difference for Young Jewish Family

Financial Help Makes World of Difference for Young Jewish Family

Sometimes people just need a helping hand. It can make all the difference between falling deeper into a difficult and stressful situation and starting over with the ability to move forward toward a better quality of life.

Many people find themselves in need of financial assistance this year. Since the Pandemic started, JF&CS has provided more than $650,000 to families in need to cover basic expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities and respite care. In addition, when people call for help, our emergency financial assistance team provides them with additional resources and services such as food or meals from the Kosher Food Pantry, and referrals to other organizations as needed.

This assistance then enables those clients to focus on other important aspects of life, such as relationships and family. One grateful client’s story shows how they were able to focus on a successful job search, and evaluating what was best for their family, after they received much needed financial aid.

After suffering a job loss, and difficulty in accessing needed services for their child, the bills started adding up. Unable to keep up, the young parents felt their lives spiraling out of control. They contacted their temple, who referred them to JF&CS. After hearing their story and concerns, the family was given financial assistance to pay their rent and was referred to JIFLA for additional loan assistance.

Since JF&CS helped them pay rent, the client’s family was afforded the time they needed for one parent to find a new job, and to find a new residence that costs $600 less per month than the apartment they previously lived in. Not only is their new home more affordable, but it is also situated perfectly in between the new place of work and their child’s school. They were able to take time to focus on looking for a new place to live because JF&CS eased the burden of a rent that the client struggled to pay.

According to this client, “I share all the details of what has transpired because this transition was possible because of the incredible help we received from Jewish Family & Career Services as well as the other generous help from my temple and JIFLA.  

We cannot thank you enough for what you provided our family in a time of need.  We have walked away from the edge of a precipice and only want to look in the positive direction of stability, health and growth.  You truly helped make this all possible!

Please express all our heartfelt thanks to everyone at JF&CS for their support and guidance.  We are forever grateful!”

If you know someone who needs emergency financial assistance, please share this link with them: