JF&CS Young Professionals Leadership Program Makes an Impact

December 07, 2021

JF&CS Young Professionals Leadership Program Makes an Impact

The JF&CS Tritt Young Professionals Leadership Program changed the way that people learn about volunteering, and over the years has helped create a community of engaged and empowered young professional volunteers.

Geared towards young professionals ages 23 to 35, the program educates participants about JF&CS programs and services while providing an opportunity to take a leadership role in project development. The program includes a nine-session interactive course, leadership training, and the opportunity to meet with JF&CS professionals and lay leaders.

Max Fishman and Marissa Ellin, serve as co-chairs for the program, and are excited to introduce a new group of young professionals to JF&CS.

Max was introduced to volunteer work for the first time during his Bar Mitzvah project. His project was volunteering with a canned food drive for a local homeless shelter. Max found the experience so rewarding that he continued his volunteering with the homeless shelter throughout high school. Currently, he works as a family lawyer and often works on volunteer and pro bono cases.

He became part of the program back in 2019 and is currently a co-chair. He mentioned that the leadership program is often the first exposure to JF&CS for many young people, and that it helps participants understand the full depth of services that JF&CS offers the community.

“The JF&CS Tritt Leadership program helps people become more aware of what JF&CS does,” said Max. “It also helps them get more into volunteering, gain leadership abilities, and grow both personally and professionally.”

Co-chair, Marissa, noticed from an early age that her mom was deeply involved with volunteering at JF&CS. Her two older siblings also involved themselves in volunteer work, and her brother volunteered with the Tritt program and told her about his experience. This helped spark Marissa’s interest in volunteer work, and she became heavily involved with volunteering at the Shepherd Center. She served as a member of the Junior Committee with the Recreation Therapy Department, and helped with a variety of volunteer tasks, including fundraising.

Marissa joined program back in 2018. As a co-chair, one of her biggest goals as a leader is helping people realize their potential as a volunteer.

“Most people think of volunteering, and they immediately think of fundraising,” said Marissa. “But that is something that’s hard to do for many people, and it’s also only one aspect of volunteer work. This program helps people learn what they are good at when it comes to volunteering, and which area they are most passionate about.”

Marissa added that she is excited about the direction that the program is going and the future plans for the program.

“Our goal is to put in place a program that will allow for a lot of follow-up opportunities,” said Marissa. “Participants will be able to engage in follow-up opportunities that go beyond the typical nine session experience, like volunteering with the JF&CS food pantry, the PAL program, helping with community events, and more.”

To learn more about the JF&CS Tritt Young Professionals Leadership Program, click here. The deadline to apply is December 19. Contact Sarah Bernstein at sbernstein@jfcsatl.org with any questions about the program.