Inspired to Help - How One Person Can Make a Difference

October 18, 2019

Inspired to Help - How One Person Can Make a Difference

Thank you to Noa, a seventh grader at The Davis Academy , who generously spent her hard-earned baby-sitting money on several large boxes of much-needed food for our Kosher Food Pantry in September.

Noa was inspired to go shopping, and buy food for the Kosher Food Pantry, and also to ask friends to donate, after learning from her mom that the supplies at the Kosher Food Pantry were running low and that Operation Isaiah was still a few months away. She also watched our video about Curtis, and saw what a difference the KFP can make to JF&CS clients. In addition, she sent emails to her school and other schools asking them to share Curtis’ video when they ask for Operation Isaiah donations, a portion of which come to our KFP.

She included the following in her email:

“ I think this could result in a larger food collection than before. One of my neighbors works for JF&CS and also told me that though the video shows how they helped Curtis, who isn’t Jewish, there are many Jewish people with empty pantries as well.”

We really appreciate your support and thoughtfulness Noa!

With you, we can do so much more.