The Tasting to Feature Art by Artist Collective

May 09, 2022

The Tasting to Feature Art by Artist Collective

Thanks to the inspiring efforts of a small group of volunteers, client-created art are up for bids in the silent auction of The Tasting — now back in person for the first time since 2019. In the few weeks leading up to the event, these volunteers have worked with clients of the Zimmerman-Horowitz Independent Living Program (Z-H ILP) to complete one-of-a-kind art featuring layered acrylic paints. These prints were completed in multiple sessions to allow time for drying before another layer was added.

(from left: Marissa Share, Lauren Harris, Vanessa Frank, and Lauren Sheffield, volunteers leading the Artist Collective with clients from Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services (IDDS))

Vanessa Frank, one of the chairs of The Tasting, said, "This project allows people to appreciate art from a different perspective — a different mind."

Vanessa is a nurse who has been away from the practice for several years. Volunteering with the Artist Collective gives her an opportunity to experience a bit of "client care" again. "This is a hidden gem in the community, a special program that not many know about," she added.

Marissa Share has volunteered with the Artist Collective for about four years.

"I love seeing the clients happy," she explained. "We're able to tailor the projects to match everyone's abilities. And here, there's no right or wrong!"

Lauren Harris has found great personal benefit from leading the Artist Collective for many years now. "This is my favorite thing to do at JF&CS, truly! What's more therapeutic than this? It brings so much joy to everyone."

Client art will be on display at The Tasting, May 12th, and is available to be bid on right now by visiting

The Tasting benefits the nonsectarian Zimmerman-Horowitz Independent Living Program (Z-H ILP). This program is a highly individualized, person-centered supportive living program that enables people with disabilities to live as independently as possible. Our staff works with each client to teach them the skills needed for Independent Living.