2022 JF&CS Annual Meeting

May 09, 2022

2022 JF&CS Annual Meeting

We were excited to celebrate our 2022 Annual Meeting in person on May 6 in Temple Sinai’s beautiful social hall. Rashelle Berry, Board Chair, expertly hosted the event which included a conversation about the past year between her and Terri Bonoff, CEO. It was moderated by Rabbi Steven Rau, ARA Representative and Board Member. Rabbi Brad Levenberg of Temple Sinai gave an inspiring d’var torah. The 2022 – 2023 new board slate was elected.

View the 2022-2023 Board Slate: CLICK HERE

Deborah Jacobs was presented with the Herbert Kohn Meritorious Service Award by the 2021 award winner, Jon Amsler.

"As Vice President of Board Governance, she led a sea-change transformation in JF&CS’ governance structure. While the change itself was significant, HOW she recommended and implemented the change was even more significant …. Doing so with kindness and understanding. Most recently, as Secretary, she has again tackled the challenging issue of volunteers and community involvement as well as contributing large parts to the new strategic plan," said Amsler.

The 2022 Herbert Kohn Meritorious Service Award presentation

Anat Granath received the Stacy G. Fialkow Staff Appreciation Award for her incredible dedication to her Holocaust Survivor clients through her many years at JF&CS. Previous award winner and Marketing Director, Chris Greer presented the award to Anat, with a tender speech about how as the winner of this award “You should care for our clients with a character that is the epitome of the JF&CS mission and values, with a commitment to compassion and empathy, while wearing your heart on your sleeve and a smile on your face always. You must care for them so deeply and support them so broadly that they trust you and consider you unofficially part of their family. You must support them within the full gamut of services that JF&CS offers, but don’t hesitate to get creative and step outside the box when it’s warranted and supported. You must be their fiercest advocate and let nothing deter you from getting them the services they need. You must care for our clients who are near, and also for those who are far away. And not just care for them on an individual level, but also make them feel like they’re part of a community — a very special and beloved community.”

He also announced the 15 other nominees for the award including Amy Albertson, Elizabeth Davis, Natalie Eldred, Anat Granath, Georgia Gunter, Allison Holmes, Jen Keir, Sari Meltzer, Conchata Rouse, Jason Seabolt, Takima Sparks, Chantal Spector, Allana Thompson, Adona Williams, and Ula Zusman.

The 2022 Stacy G. Fialkow Staff Development & Appreciation presentation

The Staff Award full list of nominees*:

Amy Albertson, Career Services
Beth Davis, Ben Massell Dental Clinic
Natalie Eldred, Executive Assistant
Anat Granath, Aviv Older Adult Services
Georgia Gunter, Aviv Older Adult Services
Allison Holmes, Development
Jen Keir, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services
Sari Meltzer
, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services
Conchata Rouse
, Accounting & Finance
Jason Seabolt, Operations & Facilities
Takima Sparks, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services
Chantal Spector, Marketing
Allana Thompson, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services
Adona Williams
, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services
Ula Zusman, Frances Bunzl Clinical Services

*nomination write-ups coming soon